Shammi’s Top 4 Car Pranks of all time

All of you are welcome to this new blog titled Shammi’s Top 4 Car Pranks of all time so stay with us In this blog, we will talk about four of the best car pranks done by Shammi and his friends to date.

We have randomly given numbers to the pranks mentioned below, so let’s start with our first car prank, this prank is done by Shammi on his brother Jayden. When Shammi pranks Jayden, Jayden is at the gym and his car is parked in the parking lot. Taking advantage of this, Shammi with the help of his friends removes the rear wheel of Jayden’s car and puts it on the branch of a nearby tree.

After this Shammi sits behind the bushes and waits for Jayden. When Jayden comes out and finds a wheel missing from his car, he gets upset, he starts looking all around to find his wheel, then later he sees the wheel kept on the tree. Just then Shammi also comes out from the bushes and starts laughing at him and Jayden understands that Shammi has played a prank on him.

Shammi also does not stop there, after pranking Jayden, he leaves him in the same condition. Now moving on to the second car prank, Austin and Pauli do this prank and they do this prank on Jashan. So what happens is Jashan sells his old truck and buys a brand-new Colorado.

Austin and Paulie go down to Jashan’s Colorado and put plumbing packs in his car silencer pipes. Which causes Jashan to make a sound like something is stuck in his car when he drives it. Jashan gets upset about this and decides to talk to the dealer about it But later he comes to know that both of them are pranking him.

Now moving to the next prank that Shammi does on Jayden, Shammi ties a balloon to the hole of the silencer of Jayden’s car and when Jayden drives his car, the balloon starts to inflate. After walking some distance, suddenly the balloon bursts. Because of this, Jayden stops the car in a panic, and after that, he gets out of the car to check.

But when he sees Shammi coming in smiling, Jayden understands what has happened to her. Now let’s talk about the last car prank which you will enjoy watching Shammi did this prank on Austin. Shammi lies to Austin that while he was just coming from his car, his car might have hit something from below.

Hearing this, Austin goes to check Shammi’s car and while he was doing so, he reaches the silencer of the car while checking. As Austin reaches the silencer of Shammi’s car, Shammi sits in his car and presses the accelerator, due to which Austin’s entire face gets covered with white powder.

Actually, before calling Austin, Shammi fills the silencer of his car with powder so that he can prank Austin And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration.

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