happy birthday all right so if it’s shami’s birthday today and he loves mud cakes so we decide that we’re going to make him a real mother a real one a
real one so mine’s an out of his own yard out of his own yards homemade from The Paddock to the plate yeah yeah so Sean’s out with his mum for breakfast so we’ve got a couple of hours on our hands we do yeah I really don’t feel like digging through so shutting up shut up we need some more ingredients so he’s gonna get that and I’ll

digging off yeah well every time mate you got two extra shovels here to mate all right so we’ve landed at the supermarket here we’re just having a bit of a look at the different kegs here we kind of need to dress it up pretty professional yeah we’re going to do a half decent job so like we’re thinking this one’s got like hundreds of thousand sprinkles some cream yeah with a chocolate bit of things in there yeah we’re not filming we’re just practicing for a new upcoming film I heard Turkish delight goes really good on cakes even if it’s just one don’t we’re on diets

rusting yes we need to that’s it chocolate two three packs 2.16 couldn’t buy the ingredients for that we need cream oh tried whipped cream just like that okay maybe we get two we’re practicing For an upcoming film no that’s okay I can’t do the knife that is are you eating the cake already yeah yeah I was like what the hell did you get it I got some veggies and stuff like I just need to prepare myself for you know what’s going to go on today there’s a lot of bad food there I’m on a diet yeah you’re not on a diet look what

we’re making for finish this cake off make it look pretty for charm whilst he’s digging up some mud hopefully he’s done oh he better be done no I’ve never even started what a chance I see you got that dirt mate yeah mate it’s looking good already it’s me yeah all right we’ve got icing we got happy birthday we got how do we pronounce his again macarons what’s this it’d be good to have a [  ] oh do we have a stencil whatever it’s called Temple pencil Tim what’s a temple cake tin all right so Blake’s currently on air cooking up a storm in the uncut kitchen come on Follow Me Oh I thought you’re on air time at the front leg um slacking are we huh this is what really goes on the young car kitchen oh look busy oh [  ] I’m So yeah so I don’t need to put that in here and then you got that yeah

yeah no good what are you with oh wow stencil for okay a what a stencil what are they called Bakers ginger cake tin caked him I don’t bake huh right um is that deep enough no bigger I don’t have one gun what do you think we need it deep okay it’s on the truck oh perfect oh look at that can we check for some oil or something on there when do you ever put oil on the bottom of a cake bun

when you bake it we aren’t doing this for Taste, oh it’s not I got it yeah how am I eating it oh you want some more oil yeah we’ve got a really compacted yeah foreign oh yeah all right oh yeah hey big pace for the boys

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