Shammi Prasad Giveaway $5000

Shammi Prasad Giveaway $5000 Every Week. He Announced Giveaway on His Instagram (

Shammi Prasad Personal Info:-

Where was Shammi Prasad Born? Shammi Prasad was born in Brisbane, Australia on February 1, 1993.

How old is Shammi Prasad? He is now 28 years old. Shammi has a tall thin and muscular body and also has a brother who is also a YouTuber named Jayden Prasad. Shammi and Jayden love to film prank videos and challenges with each other.

What is he well-known for? Shammi is a well-known Facebook personality and social media influencer known for his social experiments and pranks. According to the source, his first video, titled “That feeling the day before payday!” was posted on Facebook in 2014.

Shammi is well-known for pulling a prank at the Melbourne Cup, a well-known horse race in Australia. He is also well-known for his vlogs, pranks, challenges, and regular Q&A sessions with his brother.

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