Shammi Prasad Christmas Video

Shammi Prasad Merry Christmas Funny Video Must Watch. Shammi Prasad and his friend enjoy Christmas.

Shammi Prasad started his career by uploading videos of his pranks on his Facebook account in 2014. In this case, he got many responses from his viewers about the content he uploaded.

At the same time, he also makes a video on the YouTube channel Shammi to attract an audience widely from around the world


  • Shammi Prasad started uploading videos on social media for vlogs, challenges, and pranks.
  • He has black color in his eyes and hair.
  • His physical appearances characteristic are a muscular body and a tall thin body.
  • He is of white ethnicity.
  • Shammi likes to swim, skate, and travel worldwide.
  • His brother is Jayden Prasad.
  • He was almost jailed for jumping from 50 historical hotel building
  • He complained about the distressing Melbourne Cup.
  • Shammi was born in Brisbane, but he lives in Queensland.
  • His house address in Clear Island Waters, nearly to Leilani Park.
  • He likes to collab with his brother in making content on YouTube.

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