Shammi Prasad buy a Rolex watch to gift her best friend Austin on his birthday. oh this is actually my worst nightmare right I’m not keen at all yeah if you know me I suck at cold things you know it’ll be a hot summer’s day and I struggle to get in the pool I still find that cold blakey’s just done a cook up in an ice bath on uncut

the kitchen was hilarious if you haven’t seen it yet head over to uncut kitchen youtube anyways as he was finishing up Austin turns to me and he’s like oh should we film a video in there and I was like no and then he came up with the idea of the first person to finish an in an ice bath wins the challenge I don’t know if anyone’s going to get through it yea honestly, I’ll get through it like you’re bad with cold water but I’m also bad

with cold water oh my god it’s cold I don’t know what we’re going to do we’re going to go to the exact same time read three two one literally pissing it oh my feet oh oh the is oh no Austin your birthday’s this weekend hello doctors no you can’t be up yeah yeah no you up don’t blame me I was the worst there was worse okay now that we’ve done that challenge

our next challenge is heading to the sauna and eating the world’s hottest burger I’ll win that one wait what we’re not doing that right no but that is a good idea let us know in the comments if you want to see us do that actually loser of the challenge had to put the header there for today oh that’s right

ten nine eight seven six five four three two one all right we’re down at the studio now it’s all happening inside these doors

we’ve got the motorbike we’ve got the dogs the models let’s go check it out yeah there it is guys obviously they didn’t like me modeling oh there’s blake ladies in there harry’s here hello brother what’s the magic word pineapple how are you doing so here we are as you can see i don’t

even have any of the merch on myself because the whole new range is actually over here as you can see we’re stepping it up a notch taking a bit more seriously harry’s brought in his bike we’re gonna do skids we’re gonna do burnouts we’re gonna see how fast we can cover this whole room and smoke yeah how fast

you’re gonna hit the ramp man yeah this is actually the latest stuff project we’ve been working on it’s got a bit of burnt to it around the wall it’s like a 3d dimension wall ride it’s like you just put your chin to your shoulder yeah oh that’s it now squinting your eyes yeah that’s all god that’s yeah right

that’ll do spewing hey kate did I not look good enough in the making of memories

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