Shammi makeup with his girlfriend Brooklyn

we’re going to do a boyfriend who does my makeup today this is my boyfriend now I’ve got a lot of experience in doing this so this should be good so what I’m going to do is i’m just going to give him the makeup he has no idea what I’m going to give him and then I’m just going to let you go.

with the flow so i have my makeup brushes sephora and then we’v got nikki mitchell makeup palette that’s it and then in here it’s just a whole bunch of goodness yeah that makeup that goes in the face yeah so i’m just gonna let you go with it it’s beautiful there we go i actually love your selection of brands too sephora is one of my um one of my favorites actually it’s just beautiful to work with yeah it’s lovely okay all right would you instead make this all right shall we get this underway yes okay i want you to make me look really really pretty really good okay what’s the occasion where you going that’s what i need to know because then i can go towards a style i’m going to go out on a date and a nighttime dinner date like brooke said we’ve got the brushes here first thing you need to do is get the style so she’s wanting to go out on a date and um this date sort of brush would probably be that one and then we’re gonna start off with the blush it’s a little bit tricky to open just just really yank it it’s a bit tricky.

yeah okay here we go so as you can see we’ve got a few shades here we’ve got the light brown uh the Sephora the merge and yeah we’re going with this second one what’s that color okay a blush ah i got it right there we go okay I’m just gonna wipe that down a bit yeah I’m scared about this baby what are you doing are you serious look at that normal makeup artist take about 20 minutes to make your blusher you have to blend it you have to at

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