Shammi Cake Face!

hell can’t even have lunch around here with you guys piss me off dude broken my nose bro so much oh my God oh no thank you oh my God oh noise good morning oh my night Sleeping Beauty hey buddy who wants someone up like that give me that’s Kate’s cake for a birthday.

All of you are welcome to this new blog titled Shammi’s friends gave him a surprise so stay with us In this blog, we will know what surprise Shammi’s friends gave to Shammi.

So finally Shammi’s Europe trip is over and he is back in Australia. Those who haven’t seen Shammi’s Europe trip blogs yet can visit our website to see if they are interested. As we were telling, Shammi has come to his home and now we will get to see Shammi’s pranks in Australia.

Shammi all their mate was standing and talking near the gym when Austin comes there and tells us something about Dim. Austin tells that Dim was talking to a girl in the morning and Dim had to make some excuse to leave.

When Dim makes this excuse, he tells the girl that he has to leave because he has to help his friend round some cows off. Austin says that we live in the city and there are no farms around here, yet it chose this excuse.

After this, Dim also tells one thing about Austin to everyone, he tells that once Austin left his girlfriend at her house and went away. Austin’s girlfriend lost his phone and she was crying about this thing. Austin was feeling this headache so he left his girlfriend.

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