We made headlines on the news in Australia again. Meanwhile, we were stuck at a crime scene in America ha ha.

all right guys we’re back from LA now a lot has actually happened over the past week first of all we almost died after Vegas we actually went back to LA for a few days and we were just booking hotels day by day just because we didn’t know where we were going to be what we were going to be doing anyways it came to the weekend of Valentine’s Day and literally every Hotel in LA was booked out you can only guess where we’ve went back to you

kidding I am nuts the funny thing is we sort of joked at the time that this place looked like the kind of place where Dodgy would go down turns out this is actually a place where Dodgy goes down Man just wait in the hotel room and we heard all this commotion outside so we decided to go outside and try to figure out what’s

actually happened we went up to the place and arson and they told us there was an armed robbery right next door so at this stage all we knew is says five men on the run with guns which meant our whole building was in lockdown and as we left the road just freakin loft the hotel key room inside the room I’m

playing that on me like the door you did you were last to leave so although this is going down we’re locked outside no one’s helping us and we’re in the middle of the crime we had our vlog camera and we decided just to run with it have a look alright guys we’re back in LA now and we’re back at the first building we were

at what did I tell you guys there’s been a shooting here and now they’re looking for the guy look with the only ones in the carpark watching he got so excited none of us brought the key and now we’re locked outside the room he lured you into the office door before and they said no we like to be locked out of our

the room now we’re just crossing our fingers and hoping for the best I’ve never been on a crime scene like this eh he’s got to be in that building there oh they keep soaking that one do you recognize the shooting from the building I want to know what

happened I know there was a shooting but I don’t know exactly what happened whether it’s someone on the run whether it’s someone from the building by the

the way I’m excited I shouldn’t say that up and not jinx a day I’ll party actually I’m not hiding because I think it’s me it is a classic example of do or die they’re looking for a man in a black hoodie oh I’m just gonna stand still otherwise they’re gonna start shooting out I’m just acting as if

this is all a joke but inside I’m scared I wonder if Oh keeping it on me yeah suspect looking hands up in the air surrender we get some peace actually that Lighting’s good you’re kidding I’m the only man in a black hoodie and it looks like I’m now subbing maybe to go for a run for it I’m not

running deep making a memory going for a run we should have gone home with Jay who we gonna need to run dinner care bloody long does it take to find it I reckon we’ll find him within ten minutes we probably won’t even be able to leave actually I’ll be

able to go get some food and come back what’s the suspect to look like right jumper denim Dean same time selling to an escape plan it’s looking good right boy jumps to lookin for ya ladies looking for the people on the run we’re looking for five men in the black hoodie have you seen them yeah yeah we’re with the police department where’s Mama I’m on my passport oh okay what is your thing yeah really thank you, my papa

honestly reckon one of the people has just like dressed up it’s one of Iceland is just watching that’s what I’d do while all this cast is making the news in America, we also find out there’s some serious crime going on in Australia also a group of Gold Coast thrill-seekers may have gone a little too far with their

latest prank daring dangerous and possibly illegal powering down a street a dirt bike rider takes an unexpected route through a house across a balcony and into the air the rider and bike part ways mid-jump before they crash into a canal the stunts were impressive but were they legal the video was posted online last

night and has since been deleted police have a copy and are reviewing the pictures I think you’ll swim well it’s not illegal to ride a motorbike through your own home but sending one out of control over and into a canal a public space could be a different matter altogether can you believe it

this is the country we live in ladies shock you know really they should be behind bars do they not realize it’s a year 2020 we’ve got Playstations you can’t be outside making memories when you got a Playstation or Xbox there are exports to Xbox to you there are.

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